Industrial-Centrifuges type POLAR C

ruční odstředivka POLAR C

ruční odstředivka POLAR C

The centrifuge for de-oiling, drying, rinsing, coating and rust-proofing.

The POLAR range of Centrifuges are very versatile in the separation of liquids from solids.

In metal cutting applications they are used for the recovery of coolants such as neat cutting oils and soluble oils from swarf in the processing for Waste Management and materials re-utilization. The residual moisture content of steel and brass swarf after centrifugation is normally below 2%.

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Key data:

  • max. filling-weight / batch: 30 - 300 kg
  • max. 10 - 12 batches / hour
  • drum capacity 13 - 200 Liter
  • easy operation
  • automatic sequence of operations
  • small floor space required
  • versatile use for de-oiling, drying, oiling or coating etc.
  • special applications with purpose designed features for difficult work-parts
  • very low residual moisture values are achievable
  • high operating safety
  • short pay-back time
Typical applications for the POLAR C Centrifuge
  • recovery of Coolant (De-oiling Centrifuge)
  • swarf treatment (Swarf-processing Centrifuge)
  • drying galvanized parts (Drying-Centrifuge)
  • coating parts (Coating-Centrifuge)


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