ZINC-Centrifuges type POLAR C4Z


The compact special centrifuge for spinning off galvanized parts.


Key data

  • max. filling-weight / batch: 50 kg
  • max. 10 batches / hour
  • drum capacity 45 Liter
  • larger drum volumes and charge weights on request


  • easy operation
  • automatic sequence of operations
  • optimum cleaning conditions
  • construction unsusceptible to failure
  • little space required

Drum C4Z
shape cylindrical
diameter 400 mm
height 400 mm
capacity 45 l
perforation 8 mm
max. capacity 50 kg
max. time 10-12 h
speed 735 min-1
Electric data 3 x 400 V + N + PE
frequency 50 Hz
Size height 1270 mm

area for settling

1200 mm2
Another size,speed and voltage also possible


Typical applications for the Zinc-Centrifuge POLAR C4Z

Ostředivka POLAR C4Z použitá v pozinkovně

The Zinc-Centrifuge POLAR C4Z in use
POLAR C4Z s otočným zvedacím zařízením
                POLAR C4Z


Based on the POLAR C machine a centrifuge was developed especially for the use in hot galvanizing facilities, which makes it possible to spin off the material after it has been immersed in a zinc bath.

The wet parts in the drum are taken from the zinc bath and put into the machine for centrifugation. The cover of the centrifuge will be pneumaticaly closed.

Its characterstic feature in contrast to the standard machine POLAR C is the construction of the centrifugal casing. It is designed conically and is open at the bottom. Thus the spun off zinc can be collected in a ground plate placed below and be returned manually into the zinc bath.

Optionally the machine can be equipped with an electrical lifting device for material charging.

By using a special carrier also rectangular or other customer-specified pans can be used in the centrifuge, instead of round drums.

In order to offer the drum as little surface contact as possible in the carrier the vertical bars taper conically. Thus the coagulating zinc has as little working surface as possible.

Top right a view into the open machine is given. The conically tapering bars in the drum carrier are discernible as well as the centrifugal casing with the open bottom, guiding the spun off zinc from the spinning off area onto the ground plate placed below.

Pohled do otevřené POLAR C4Z

View of the interior of the zinc-centrifuge
with well-recognizable outlet for the spun-off zinc
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