Swarf crushers type RS 200, RS 300, RS 500, RS 600, RS 600H, RS 800H

Drtič třísek RS300

Swarf crushers type RS300

Crushing of large swarf is a prerequisite for automatic swarf processing and cost-efficient transport.

Features of the Swarf crusher type RS:
  • Vhigh crushing performance with low energy requirement
    low noise crushing
  • good accessibility of crushing chamber
    can be integrated in any swarf processing system
  • long service life of low wear crusher tools
  • low maintenance cost due to quick replacement of wearing parts
  • no special foundations required (B25 sufficient for dowel fixing)
The Technical specification of the Crushers
RS300 RS500 RS600 RS600H RS800H
Drive Power 7,5 kW 7,5 kW 15 kW 22 kW 37 kW 55 kW
Nominal current 27/15,5 A 27/15,5 A 52/30 A 75/43 A 72/42 A 104/60 A
Voltage 230/400 V 230/400 V 230/400 V 230/400 V 230/400 V 230/400 V
Running Speed 53 U/min 53 U/min 76 U/min 70 U/min 70 U/min 67 U/min
Output Based on chips do 0,5 t/h 1,0 t/h 1,5 t/h 3 t/h 4,5 t/h 8 t/h
Another voltage is also possible. "H" means a hydrostatic drive.

Operating of the Swarf crusher type RS


Drtič třísek RS500E v řezu

Long swarf is fed into the crusher hopper by swarf conveyor systems or other means. By an ultrasonic sensor at the crusher hopper the crusher is automatically switched on and off.

The long swarf in the crusher hopper is drawn by the tearing arm. Supported by guiding hooks it is first transported to the coarse crusher and then to the fine crusher. The broken short swarf is discharged by two wiper blades via a chute.Small sized solid parts usually pass through the crusher without blocking. Larger parts and bar-ends which might block the crusher initiate the blocking control. A reversing sequence is automatically started to discharge the solid parts. If this is not possible after several clockwise and counter-clockwise rotations of the crusher head the crusher stops. The blocking material can then be removed through the inspection hatch. Due to the typically inclined position of the STEIMEL crushers there is hardly any spilling of swarf or coolant.



Option "E"- solid part release system:"


All crusher models can be supplied with an automatic solid part release system. In these crushers the front fine crusher chamber opens hydraulically. Usually the blocking parts are discharged together with the swarf through this opening when the crusher is in a slow reverse motion.

When using a hydraulically or pneumatically operated distributing guide the parts can be discharged separately.


The crusher which was used in a lathe workshop

univerzální drtič třísek

We were asked to give a solution for a bunched chips as a result of the lathe workshop production.

We chose a deoiling system combined from:

  • Lift and tiltable system for filling a crusher with bunched chips
  • A Crusher RS300E for chips' crushing
  • A Rake conveyer for transport between the crusher and a centrifuge
  • A Centrifuge type PERMOLEX-POLAR


 Drticí ústrojí s trhacím ramenem (RS800HE)


Zařízení pro výstup velkých dílů (RS800HE)
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