Dílce určené pro eloxování

Material which will be eloxal








The overall industrial process of electrophoretic deposition consists of several sub-processes:

  • The object to be coated needs to be prepared for coating. This consists a cleaning process and include the application of a conversion coating, typically an inorganic phosphate coating.
  • The coating process itself involves submerging the part into a container or vessel which holds the coating bath and applying direct current electricity through the EPD bath using electrodes. The object to be coated is one of the electrodes, and a set of "counter-electrodes" are used to complete the circuit.
  • After deposition, the object is normally rinsed to remove the undeposited bath. The rinsing process utilize an ultrafilter to dewater a portion of the bath from the coating vessel to be used as rinse material. If an ultrafilter is used, all of the rinsed off materials can be returned to the coating vessel, allowing for high utilization efficiency of the coating materials, as well as reducing the amount of waste discharged into the environment.
  • A drying or curing process is normally used following the rinse. This will crosslink the polymer and allows the coating, which will be porous due to the evolution of gas during the deposition process, to flow out and become smooth and continuous.


Otočná výsypka s cínovanými dílci k sušení

Material after tinning(Sn)
waiting for drying

Tvrdochromovací vana se založenou katodovou tyčí

Cr bath with a katode 

Vstupní úsek programově řízené eloxovací linky

The Entrance of the automatic eloxal line 

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