Waste-water treatment system

Water comes into the surface treatment operations as a medium which is needed for many different reasons (wash the rest from the plating bath away from a treated part etc.). After foulness of the medium water becomes waste-water and because of the characteristic is changed, waste –water can’t be drained into the sewerage. Here comes the important part where our company is able to give you a solution.

Waste-water treatment system is a complex of collecting tanks, reactors, dosing pumps, setting tanks, purification lines, sludge presses and control systems.

Based on the volume of waste-water nowadays are normally used two ways of possibility. A cyclic option (ca till 1m3/h) or a continual option (ca till 10m3/h). If higher volume is needed (more than 10m3/h) we recommend usage of an Ionite line.

Technologické vybavení zneškodňovací stanice

Technologické vybavení zneškodňovací stanice


Dávkovací jednotky chemikálií ve zneškodňovací stanici


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