Viscose matter pumps type SF

Viscose matter pumps type SF
Pump capacity 2 - 450 cm³
Differential pressure up to 25 bar
Viscosity range 10,000 cP


These lubrication- and feeding pumps are particularly suitable for pumping media which do not contain any solids, guarantee a minimum lubricity and are chemically compatible.

With adequate flow-cross sections the valves are suitable as safety valves for short-time circulation of the entire throughput within the pump.
The design of the mounting flange and shaft end allow for direct attachment of the pumps and also many variations in the assembly of pumping units.

Extremely quiet running is ensured by optimum gearing of the pinions and gearwheels with minimum shape tolerances. Delivery flow pulsation is reduced by using gearwheels with twelve teeth. This makes an important contribution to noise abatement. The shaft journals run in composite bearing bushes (Teflon-coated and steel-backed lead-bronze bearings which permit heavy continuous duty and guarantee long service lives.

In order to take up radial and axial forces, pumps of all sizes can be equipped with an anti-friction bearing at the driving end. The standard design is intended for a rotational speed of max. 3,000 rpm at a pressure of 25 bar. The maximum permissible rotational speed depends on the viscosity or the lubricity of the medium.

Typical applications:

General engineering, construction, chemical industry, paint industry, filtration, foil manufacture, gear construction, engine construction, paper machines, marine engineering, engineering of lubricating systems, turbine construction, compressors, machine tools, cement systems and many more.

čerpadlo SF


Casing parts: Grey cast iron , nodular iron
Pinion shafts: Case hardening steel, hardened, helical-toothed
Shafts: Case hardening steel, hardened
Gear wheels: Nodular iron ionitrided,helical toothed
Bearings: Composite slide bearings, bronze
Shaft seal:

Radial shaft seal
Mechanical seal or magnetic coupling

Pump body seal: O-Ring NBR (Perbunan)
O-Ring FKM (Viton)
O-Ring PTFE (Teflon)


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